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Over 600 pages of education including pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, diagnostics, and treatment plans on over 500 diseases/conditions.

Color photographs

& hand-drawn medical illustrations 

Summary boxes to make exam review seamless and streamline the learning process, highlighting key concepts. 

We set out to write this book hoping to fill a void we experienced as we were going through PA school. There were two types of textbooks: the gold-standard textbooks that provided immense amounts of information but were challenging to read through, and on the other side of the spectrum, there were the many quality study guides that provided limited detail and were useful only if you already understood the content. What was missing was the book in the middle: A clear and concise book that provided enough detail a didactic student could pick it up and read about diseases they had yet to hear of. A book focused enough that a clinical student could quickly use it to reference things they struggled to recall. A book so high yield students could later use it to review for the PANCE. Most importantly, we sought a book that the student wouldn't sell or pass on to someone else once they graduated but kept on their desk at work to reference in practice. In realizing we couldn’t find such a book, we set out to write it ourselves. We hope this will be the book that walks that fine line and is useful to everyone.

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