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Where do I purchase First Line Guide?

The 1st edition of FLG has limited copies left. Please contact @family_med_pa on instagram or use the "Contact Us" form on this site to request one. The 2nd edition will be out in the coming months and will be available on Amazon. We will no longer be selling through Barnes and Nobles. 

I heard there were printing errors in the 1st edition? Will I get a book with printing errors?

In the printing of the 1st edition, there was an error with the printing company that Barnes and Nobles used. we were not made aware of this until hundreds of copies of books were distributed. We ensured every one of these customers received the correct version, free of charge, just one week after publication. We have switched printing companies to prevent this from occuring in the future. 

I found a mistake/error in the book. How do I share the correction?

We apologize there was an error in the book. To keep the cost effective, self publishing makes it almost impossible to prevent errors from occuring in the final prints. We plan to correct these as we are made aware of them. If you find a correction, please use the "Contact Us" form on this site and be sure to include the page number, topic, error, correction, and a resource citing the correction.

Is there a PDF of the book?

Unfortunately, due to the inability to prevent the book from being copied and illegally distributed, we are unable to provide a PDF of the book. We will continue to look into making this a possibility. 

Does the book follow the PANCE blueprint?

Yes! The book follows the PANCE blueprint. We were made aware of a handful of missed topics. We will include a PDF file of those topics under the "Resources" tab on our site and include them in futur editions. 

Can I submit artwork or help edit future editions?

Yes! If you are interested in helping with future editions, please use the "Contact Us" tab and fill out the form. Be sure to let us know if you would like to submit artwork or help edit, and we will be in contact with you about next steps. 

I am a medical/nursing/NP student or an MD, DO, NP, RN, etc. Can I use this book to review key concepts?

When writing this book, we intended it for to be used by all medical professionals and students studying medicine as a resource. Our goal is to help students understand key concepts, rather than memorize thousands of small facts. 

I read there were mistakes in the first edition. Will those be corrected in future editions?

To keep the cost effective for students, we opted to self publish. The book has been reviewed and edited countless times by more than 10 medical professionals, and continues to be updated. We will provide all corrections and missed topics on the "Resources" tab, to ensure every FLG customer recieves the same quality as our future customers. We will always be transparent about these mistakes, and ensure the corrections are readily available on our website, free of charge.

How can I stay up to date on the latest FLG news?

For the most up to date news, follow us on instagram, @firstlineguide. You can also visit our website for updates.

Are there discounts for bulk ordering?

At the present time, we cannot offer discounts for bulk ordering of the 2nd edition. We will be able to provide these types of discounts in the future, and will keep you up to date when this is up and running!

How can I contact one of the authors with questions/concerns?

You are welcome to utilize the "Contact Us" form and address it to either Mike or Tania. You can also DM them on instagram. Our instagram accounts are on the bottom of the site. Mike- @family_med_pa and Tania-

The book is too expensive for me. Is there any way to get a discount?

We understand that for some students, the book is too expensive. We have gifted over 50 books to students in need. We will have this program available for the 2nd edition soon. Check back for the google form link. Once completed, we will consider you for a free, sponsored copy. We do not currently have any discounts for the book, as almost all of our profits are invested back into making a quality product. 

Can I sponsor a book for a student in need?

Yes! If you are interested in sponsoring a book for a student in need, please utilize the "Contact Us" form or reach out to us via DM on instagram. We do have a waiting list of students who have proven financial need. Our goal is to allow every student the greatest opportunity for success, regardless of socioeconomic factors. 

How can I submit a question not on this list?

Simply ask your question on the "Contact Us" tab of this site. We will continue to add more FAQs as they arise. 

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